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Every office needs regular and tailored solutions for their routine operations and problems. Most offices can’t afford full time service or a full time employee for a short task which is really integral in daily operation but requires a small amount of time on daily basis.

We observed that some companies which call themselves as brand don’t offer customized services to their esteemed customers instead they put the brackets for pricing and volume of work as well.

Keeping in view all the industry needs and clients possible demands NW Manager offers customized and short term and long term services for their clients. No matter you need a task done for one day or 15 days in case your employee is on leave or sick, we help out clients to streamline their operations in all times.

NW Manager offers a great range of services but not limited to the following:

  • Credentialing and Contracting
  • Account Receivable Management
  • Medical Billing Audit
  • Document Management Services
  • Virtual Medical Assistance
  • Answering Services
  • Authorization/Referrals
  • Eligibility Verification Services
  • Transcription Services
1- We work with NW Manager for credentialing of few insurances, they fixed our pay to address concerns and also provided a great credentialing reminder table for future purpose.
Keita Heatherwood

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